Welcome! What is haptonomy (or haptotherapy)?

Haptonomy is the science of feelings. It’s about getting more in contact with oneself and becoming aware of what is happening around you and how this influences you. The objective is to become more aware of yourself and gain more balance between your actions , feelings and thoughts. When these three are out of balance then you are either doing too much or too little of one or the other. For instance too much or too little action (working, sport or being busy), or feeling (being over or under emotional) or thinking (worrying, not sure what to do or no creativity). When we experience stress we all have a natural preference for one of these three.

Your body reacts to stress or (older) trauma and these symptoms are noticeable. Your body can become less supple and more tense which can lead to (chronic) pain or other issues.

By getting more in contact with yourself you increase your body awareness. You become more aware and recognise what is happening inside of you. This awareness allows you to make conscious choices: either continue as you have always done or change and find a new way. In this way you can grow and change patterns.

Knowing who you are and what your preferences are will lead to choices which suit you and with which you are comfortable with. In so doing you will feel safe and have more trust in yourself.


A haptotherapy session consists of a combination of talking, consciousness exercises and touching (your body will be affective and respectfully touched. In this way you learn what this does to you and what your reaction is. It is a method to directly observe information about yourself).

At Feel Good Haptonomie a session takes about 50 minutes during which we talk and discover your thought patterns (how do you treat yourself and your environment), we do consciousness exercises (so you experience how your body reacts to yourself and your environment) or we have respectful and affective touching (to obtain direct information, like: Do you reject or do you accept the touch? Do you need time to get used to the touch? Do you tense up? Are you at ease?).

For whom is haptotherapy suitable?

If you are experiencing any of the following:

  • Chronic pain,
  • Feeling overstressed, overloaded or burned out,
  • Have feelings of sadness or depression,
  • Having difficulties saying yes or no on time,
  • Making yourself “small” or feeling “small”,
  • Feeling “stuck” at work or privately,
  • Feeling unhappy,
  • Excessive anxiousness,
  • Feeling a lot of tension,
  • Having a lack of faith in yourself or others,
  • Difficulties making choices,
  • Issues with conflicts,
  • Standing still and have a wish to develop yourself,
  • Fatigued or sleep badly.

What results can you expect?

Feeling free, light, relaxed and at ease, following your own chosen path, having less confrontations with yourself and others, feeling less “on guard”.

Rates, registration, invoices.
Please see the tab ‘tarieven’ where you can find the Feel Good Haptonomie session rates and also Feel Good Haptonomie’s union registrations at the NFG and the RBCZ. Payment is by cash. An invoice will be sent to you by e-mail after the session and you can send this to your insurance company.

You do not need a referral from a doctor to start Haptotherapy. However, please do ask your insurance company if they cover alternative treatments by NFG. In most cases 40-50% of your investment is covered.